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Handling Complains

This procedure is intended for the presentation of complaints, objections and appeals against 2BCognitus service, support, objections related to the 2BCognitus staff.

A complaint must be made in writing to the 2BCognitus Board for Handling Complaints

2BCognitus Board for Handling Complaints 
Lacková 25
040 18 Košice - Krásna

Stating the following information will help the faster resolution of your complaint.

  • Company name, your name, date of service, workshop, consultancy, and your email address if you are interested to be contacted by phone - phone number;
  • Write us the reasons of your dissatisfaction;
  • Name of the person with whom you were communicating;
  • Description of complaints, exceptions, objections

Handling with complains:

  • We will deal with your complaint carefully and honestly;
  • We will review your complaint and we will send you our answer within the 10 working days;
  • You will be informed  about the course of treatment of the complaint, until a satisfactory resolution;
  • We apologize for the errors and shortcomings, we will explain its cause and arrange  remedy immediately as soon as possible, within the 3 weeks time limits;
  • We will change our approach and the way we work / processes so that we can prevent a similar errors / mistakes in the future.


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