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2BCognitus introduced Advanced Program Management training


2BCognitus® introduced Lessons Learned 2020 Approach


2BCognitus® introduced new eLearning portal Project Management


We introduced new case study "Voice of the City"


2BCognitus® introduced its unique concept - Business Dynamics Excellence - on the 28th IPMA Word Congress in Rotterdam, 30 Sept 2014.

Business Dynamics Excellence is the strategic quality that enables organization not just withstand in the new market conditions, but more importantly thrive in this new strategic strategic landscape and gain copetitive advantage.

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Learn more about the concept in our "THINKING AHEAD" section


2BCognitus® introduced its unique concept - Dynamic Strategy Insights - on the IPMA Expert Seminar in Zurich, 13 Feb 2014.

The concept addresses the need to reflect & proactively anticipate changes in the dynamic business environment within value-creation processes.

Learn more about the concept in our "THINKING AHEAD" section.


We have drawn our vision of development of methods and standards of project management for 2012-2017.

The major trends we have depicted

     - focus on social skills of project managers
     - orientation on strategic goals
     - recognizing specifics of managing projects in different concepts

For further information, please, contact us.


We have developed and on the conference on quality presented - Radical approach to innovation.

Radical approach to innovation is based on the concept of "disruptive innovation" while maintaining of exisitng processes/products which provide the organization source of competitive advantage.

For more information, please, contact us.




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